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Eventually, at least, it found its way to Egypt, whether before or after being written over with the Hebrew liturgical poetry of Yannai in the tenth century. CE , it remains possible, albeit a longshot, that this fragment may actually have been copied from the original or a copy quite close to the original. There are indeed some who have suggested that the Hexapla was not actually destroyed until the Islamic conquest of CE.

In terms of analyzing the original format of the Hexapla, this is the most important witness we have.

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This is partially due to the fact that you can still see the original gutter i. When it was being prepared for reuse in the tenth century for the Hebrew liturgical poetry of Yannai, it was cut so that one side fol. A verso and fol. The other side fol. B verso and fol. The back side of the palimpsest is especially important due to its preservation of part of the second column, which is the most sparsely attested of all the extant columns of the Hexapla across the spectrum of witnesses.

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A detailed explanation of the rationale for all of these changes is outlined in my forthcoming critical edition of the second column of the Hexapla. This, of course, has parallels in Rabbinic Hebrew and other ancient transcriptions. All in all, it is difficult to overestimate the importance of this manuscript for the study of the compositional history of the Hexapla.

Though scholars have been aware of its existence for over a century, it continues to yield new insights even to this day. View T-S Salvesen and T.

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