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As children, we speak words out loud to other people long before we ever think words internally to ourselves. Talking to ourselves out loud is a sort of intermediate step. With enough practice we internalize our private speech, thinking it to ourselves without making sounds anyone else can hear.

Even as an adult, you probably still use audible private speech when you need to talk yourself through something.

Instead, you may find yourself speaking the thoughts out loud. Talk yourself through enough such problems, and your private speech will internalize, becoming thoughts perceived by your mind instead of a voice perceived by your ears. As with words, mental images and sensations begin as external senses. Think of the sky. Your mental image is an internal representation of the sky as you once saw it.

Now imagine a green sky with purple polka dots. You can easily imagine it, however, by composing a mental image from elements of scenes you have observed. All thoughts have sensory form, and all forms can be more or less sensual. Is your mattress lumpy, or does your body surrender and release when it slides into your sheets? Is the tea in your teacup tepid and weak, or is it hot enough to feel pouring through your insides?

Sensual moments throughout the day make life enjoyable and fulfilling. Sensual thoughts do the same.

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One way to foster a sensual mind is to live a sensual life. Thoughts begin as echoes of external sense experiences. If you savor experiences throughout your day, your mind will be naturally filled with sensual sense impressions. But sensual echoes across the mental landscape are not enough to make you smarter.

If you want sensuality to make you smarter, you need your thoughts themselves to become sensual.

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You want to luxuriate in your ideas, delight in your beliefs, be turned on by your analyses, savor your inner voice as it speaks to you. Non-sensual thinking can bludgeon you with its bluntness, oversimplifying absolutely everything, settling for cheap explanations, failing to question or inquire or explore. Non-sensual thinking can strain and panic the mind with its need to figure everything out, grasping for shortcuts out of the land of stress. Non-sensual thinking can wear a person down, repeating the same thoughts across dramatically differing contexts, imposing the same predigested beliefs on every circumstance until everything starts to seem the same.

Non-sensual thinking insists it already knows, disregards the vast ocean of the not-yet-known.

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Non-sensual thinking assumes it is the only way. Non-sensual thinking follows the herd. How might you more sensually think about a few of these activities? Sensual thoughts care as much about the process as the goal, lending them the qualities of curiosity, exploration, discovery. Sensual thoughts have room for the unknown, making them flexible, playful, unpredictable.

Add curiosity to flexibility, and you start to experience a more mysterious, more subtle, more multi-layered world. All the more sensual thoughts above reside in such a world, and so they all suggest new options for how to move through the world, how to respond to circumstances in richer and more meaningful ways. So the mind is a sense organ, perceiving thoughts that are more or less sensual.

But the mind is the oddest of all the sense organs, because it produces every thought it perceives. Your eyes did not create the face from nothing. The mind is different. It perceives what it produces, sensing the very thoughts it brings into being. Many thoughts come unbidden, produced through some lower level brain process, some automatic psychological habit. You can, however, choose how to respond to your thoughts.

Thinking more sensually comes from these choices. If a thought is rough, or prickly, or blocky, or irritating, can you coax it into something subtle, or beautiful, or compelling, or seductive? Can you pause, breathe, recognize how little you know, and open your mind? The Blog. Reflections and Resources for Navigating Change. Everyone comes equipped with a mind.

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No one comes with a manual. About the Author. Here I am once again. Sleep wants to pull my body back in. I am suspended between these two competing forces. Can I observe the exact moment when I tip over the threshold, when wakefulness finally wins? My kids really should be getting their own breakfast ready at this age. They need to start taking more responsibility. Living in sneakers during the school year may not be an option if you want your shoes to be as fashionable as your outfit.

Try to find flat shoes with rubber soles with extra support. Pick up a pair of shoe inserts if you find an adorable pair of shoes lacking adequate support. Think about what you spend your days doing in your classroom. Are you surrounded by 5-year-olds with gluey hands and paint all over their clothes? Or are you teaching high school students who would rather die than get their hands dirty? Investing in a cute teacher wardrobe only to have it slowly destroyed with stains throughout the year would be disappointing.

Primary and elementary school teachers need to be more aware of the clothes they wear to school. So they should stick to wash-and-wear clothes that grape juice and glitter glue wash out of without issue. Try to avoid buying clothes with complicated care requirements. You already have enough to do during the week.

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You do not need to waste precious time running to the dry cleaner or hand washing blouses in the midst of everything else. Choose clothes that do not need ironing before wearing. Especially if you have a lot of things to accomplish in the morning before school, like getting little ones ready for their own school day. Did you know several major clothing retailers offer discounts to teachers?

Some of these retailers have exclusive teacher appreciation nights and sweepstakes as well. Take advantage of these discounts to get high-quality clothing at much cheaper prices. Check out this full list of teacher discounts to save money on books, craft supplies, electronics, furniture and more. If you want to be a trendy teacher, but do not know where to start: stick with these tried-and-true outfit combinations. Use these as a basis for buying staple pieces as well as accessories. Choose dress pants with a button down shirt and a blazer for a quick, go-to outfit.

Easily switch out the top or blazer for a new look. Wear this outfit with dress sneakers or comfy flats. Combine a long dress or tunic with easy-to-clean leggings. Pair a professional dress or tunic with patterned or brightly colored leggings for more personality. For a very professional look, wear a long-sleeve top with a knee-length skirt and a cardigan. On casual days, choose dark colored jeans or slacks with a nice top or dress shirt. Do you feel more prepared to go back to school with all these great style tips for teaching outfits?