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Our focus is on artist monographs and artist books, conceived and created in concert with the artist. Mousse Publishing also releases online contents, printed ephemera, and artist editions. Simon Starling — Woven World Keren Cytter: A Drivel.

Matt Mullican: Details from He Alejandro Cesarco: Peep-Hole S Christodoulos Panayiotou: Peep Founded in New York in , the artist collective has worked in a range of modes, including concerts, translations, and live performances, as well as more traditional mediums such as painting and sculpture. Reena Spaulings has been the subject of exhibitions at numerous galleries and museums, including Museum Ludwig in Cologne , the Contemporary Art Museum St.

Reena Spaulings. More Michael Paintings - Indipendenza Studio, Roma 2011

For additional information, please contact Cory Nomura at or cory matthewmarks. Works in Exhibition and Installation Views. Technical reproduction, hijacking and quotations of art-historical references are some of the paths that can be taken to travel through the show.

Reena Spaulings

The experience of peering at images through screens that, being fragile, often break is typically contemporary. The bidet functions as a feminized counterpoint to the iconic urinal, whose aura is resolutely masculine. These silkscreens have been reproduced and transformed, preserving the imperfections of their original versions. Anemic Moon displays an image lifted from a campaign of the Egyptian Red Crescent inviting people to donate blood. Red liquid flows into an arm from a crescent moon, strongly suggesting that help and compassion instead of war are needed in the Muslim world.