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Camilla has been tossing up between purchasing a one-bedroom apartment in Woollahra or a small childcare centre in Turramurra, NSW. Camilla reviewed the annual statements of the company and conducted a cost-benefit and risk analysis to discover that the company had sufficient financial resources to meet the rental payments.

While you still rent out the property and receive rental income from the tenant as you would with residential investing, there are some core differences. For instance, you may want to think about the purpose of your investment, such as one of the following:. When investing in commercial real estate, investors should be aware of local prices and market conditions, council restrictions and zoning regulations, and the condition of the property including any safety hazards.

Reviewing a potential tenant is one of the greatest considerations for your investment.

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The ability to manufacture favourable terms and finance conditions is another important consideration. Review current infrastructure plans that are currently underway, but also consider future infrastructure developments that could put upward pressure on property prices. You can do this by logging onto the local council website or speaking with local real estate agents. You should also review its business model, brand assets, annual statements, resources and even industry trends to determine whether or not this is a suitable tenant.

A multi-purpose space can also help you attract a wider pool of potential tenants. A major factor in commercial property growth is demand, which is largely driven by economic indicators such as population growth. The current low interest rate environment will support demand for both property and borrowing. However, rising interest rates could potentially dampen demand for commercial real estate, as the cost of finance and rent becomes more expensive.

Large infrastructure projects can boost demand for commercial property. For instance, the development on the M7 in Sydney generated demand for warehouse properties in the surrounding precincts of the M7. Suburbs with strong population growth undergoing gentrification may require new services such as shopping centres, financial service companies and restaurants.

During an economic downturn, demand for commercial property generally falls due to sluggish economic growth and poor business confidence.

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While long lease terms can be advantageous in providing rental certainty, they can also present a risk in the sense that it may take longer for you to find a tenant once the premises are vacated. Keep in mind that larger commercial properties may be more difficult to lease than smaller properties and will typically be more expensive to hold. For instance, an increase in property within the area may create a threat since existing tenants may look to upgrade or expand.

Individuals, trusts and companies can purchase investment properties. For individuals, an ideal structure to use is a self-managed super fund SMSF , which can also provide investors with tax benefits. Most commercial property loans work in a similar fashion to residential home loans. You can choose from variable, fixed or a split rate, as well as making principal and interest or interest-only repayments. You may want to consider a line of credit commercial home loan that provides you with funding up to a set limit so you only pay interest on the funds drawn down. The value of the commercial property will be determined by a variety of factors.

These may include the size of the property and some of the features of the building itself. For example, industrial zones generally have low land value, but may be suitable for particular types of businesses like a taxi depot because it may be close to public transport. Valuations should be done on prospective commercial properties as part of the due diligence process. Use this as a tool to research whether a particular property is viable for your needs.

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A valuation of a commercial investment property for lending purposes is a comprehensive and expensive undertaking. Therefore make sure get the right valuation at the right time to spend your money wisely;. While some argue that residential property is less risky, others argue that commercial property is less risky due to its higher cash flow and capital gains potential. More Details Other Editions 1. Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Lists with This Book.

This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order. This was good in a sense that it was very informative and thorough - which especially great for a newbie. Jun 19, Andrei Manta rated it it was amazing. Really good introductory guide for beginners Decided to read more about property investing after reading Rich Dad Poor Dad, and this was a great introduction.

It's full of valuable real world examples and advice, and gives a great overview of things to keep in mind before and when investing, from buying your first property until what's called the 'Exit'. Surpassed my expectations. May 07, Nodes rated it really liked it.

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A good summary of property investment Very useful guide for those considering to investing in property. It is a summary of the process from goal planning to renting a property out and being a landlord. I would recommend further reading before investing but this is a very good way of gaining base knowledge. Excellent overview of property investment. Although not covered in-depth there is enough engaging content to satisfy the inquisitive mind. Very valuable information presented in an enlightening manner. Congrats to the Author. Jul 23, henni younes rated it it was amazing.

Two thumbs up! This has been the most engaging book for property investment. Highly recommended! Aug 10, Amira Haque rated it it was amazing.

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I learned so much I never realised what the risks around property are. This was a complete guide on how to approach every stage. I am now well informed about how to address tax issues, where, when, how to buy a house and what strategies are there to be used. Aug 05, Thomas. Com rated it it was amazing. Brilliant book - Easy read Easy read, informative and very very good writing.

I was extremely impressed. On top of the hefty price of the property itself, there can be a significant entry cost to investing in property including stamp duty, legal fees, building and pest inspections, and loan set up costs. There are also more costs to consider, when you decide to sell, including capital gains tax and real estate agent fees. Many of the costs involved with owning an investment property eg advertising for tenants, fees paid on your loan, maintenance, etc may be tax deductible. Property investors can also potentially use the losses arising from negative gearing where the income from the investment is less than the expenses as a tax deduction.

This is a key difference between an investment property and a home to live in, as paying capital gains tax is generally not required for the home you live in. And when it comes to negative gearing, the success of this strategy comes down to the investor, the property and the rental income. If the investment property makes a loss, you are solely relying on capital growth to provide you with any investment return. It is important to make sure you have sufficient cash flow overall to fund this strategy, including the possible increase in the loan repayments if the interest rates increase.

Property can deliver long term returns if the value of the property increases over time. Positive gearing can be a long-term goal. Where the property income is greater than property expenses, it could provide the investor with a tidy side income. There tends to be a common belief that Australian property values are likely to increase over time.

When looking to buy for investment, research:. Equity refers to the current market value of your property, minus the amount you owe on the property. You could use this equity to secure a loan for another investment — such as renovations, shares or another property investment.

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The market value of your property can go up or down, so the equity you have in the property can also rise and fall. That will depend on the lender and their loan criteria. Another thing to keep in mind is whether you can afford it. Borrowing using equity will increase your debt levels and use your property as security.

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Unlike investing in the share market, where the companies you invest in generally have their own management, you manage the important decisions for your investment property, including ways to increase its value, such as with renovations. You can also take control of how quickly you pay down your home loan. This can help increase your equity in the property. Research and planning can play a big part in the success of your property investment. Here are some tips to help you get the ball rolling. Doing your research first will help you clarify your options.