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Don't have an account? Sign in via your Institution. Sign in with your library card. Search within Abstract and Keywords This article focuses on the archaeology of South America. Olson to carry out a general archaeological survey of Peru, Bolivia, and Ecuador - an expedition sponsored by Myron I. Olson acquired a collection of artifacts mainly from the South coast of Peru, and especially from the Valley of Nazca. In Wendell C.

Archaeology of the Americas

Bennett carried out systematic excavations at the site of Tiwanaku in Bolivia and brought back a large collection of potsherds and other artifacts from the site. The same year, Bennett also made excavations in the Maracay area of Venezuela, represented by a sizable collection of artifacts from the site of La Mata.

Largest Ancient Megalithic Structure In South America

In W. Bennett and Junius Bird carried out excavations in the Cochabamba and southern Lake Titicaca areas of Bolivia, bringing back collections from the sites of Chiripa, Arani, and Lukurmata, among others.

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Junius Bird's contribution to South American archaeology began with his expedition to Tierra del Fuego, southern Chile, where he surveyed the north shore of Navarino Island and excavated at the site of Puerto Pescado. He continued his south Chile research in , surveying archaeological sites in the Western Channels and excavating along the north shore of the Straits of Magellan at Palli Aike and Fell's Cave. At these two early cave sites, Bird discovered human artifacts in clear association with bones of extinct horses and sloths, establishing the presence of human populations in South America at around B.

Bird's findings became an important contribution to the study of early human populations in the Americas, and the artifacts he brought back from Palli Aike and Fell's Caves are among the most important in our archaeological collections from South America. His work here proved as innovative as his earlier work, resulting in the creation of a long prehistoric sequence for northern Chile. In , Bird continued his research with an excavation at Huaca Prieta, a late preceramic mound in the Chicama Valley on the north coast of Peru.