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You can scuba-dive a vertical undersea wall where the continental shelf drops a heart-stopping mile deep, swim alongside humpback whales and stingrays, cast a line for bonefish, or free-dive 6m 20 ft. You wont spend your beach time stepping over sunbathers packed like sardines or fending off pushy hucksters. But if you dream of lying on a parcel of sugary sand encircled by emerald seas, or want nothing more than to spend your days bubbling about a splendid coral reef with mask and snorkel, this is the place for you.

Grace Bay beach lies on the northeast coastline of sq. This is where the action is, with the bulk of the countrys lodging, dining, tours, and activities. Still, dont expect a bustling metropolis: Provo remains sleepier than most other Caribbean islands; thats a big part of its charm. The Caicos Cays, also called the Leeward Cays, are gorgeous little spits of sand. Some of these former pirate lairs are. The projected site of the second TCI boom is North Caicos; it has lovely secluded beaches and lush tidal flats.

Middle has a remarkably varied landscape. Soft green slopes overlook beautiful Mudjin Harbor, where you can snorkel in bottlegreen shallows. Crossing Place Trail is a raised 18th-century pathway named for the shallow sandbar that connects Middle and North at low tide. At Bambarra Beach the sunlit aquamarine waters stretch long into the horizon.

South Caicos, a stillsleepy fishing community of some 1, people, is hearing faint rumblings of tourist development. With its excellent diving and bonefishing opportunities and historic Bermudan-style architecture, Big South is an up-and-coming spot. Separating the Caicos archipelago from the two Turks islands, to the east, is the Turks Island Passage, also known as the Columbus Passage.

Christopher Columbus sailed into the New World via this waterway, and many historians believe the explorer made landfall on the island of Grand Turk. Today this small gem of an island, the nations capital and the keeper of the countrys rich heritage, is recovering from a devastating hurricane.

Still standing are the year-old lighthouse, 19th-century Bermudian homes, and abandoned salinas from the salt-raking era. Grand Turk is one of the worlds great diving spots, where the dramatically steep wall of the continental shelf lies just minutes from shore. You can swim in the shallow water with stingrays at nearby Gibbs Cay. If getting away from it all is your bottom line, head to tiny Salt Cay pop. Salt Cay is missing many of the basic accouterments of 21st-century civilization, like ATMs and cars, but dont be fooled by its modest demeanor: People come from around the world to snorkel, dive, and whale-watch in the luminescent green seas and to comb its secluded beaches for flotsam and jetsam.

Salt Cay is admittedly small 6. Providenciales International Airport.

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Note: Dont come here during a full moonyoull see almost nothing. You can swim in these glowing waters, a sensation thats incredibly cool. Isabel Segunda hr. Set inside a quarter-moon crescent of sand ringed by honeycombed cliffs, Ensenada Grande is all that and more. With lusciously clear cerulean seas, Ensenada Grande is just one of several magnificent beaches fronting the Sea of Cortez on Isla Partida, an uninhabited, completely uncommercialized island on Mexicos Baja California Sur coast, and its bigger sister island Isla Espiritu Santo, also uninhabited and owned by the Nature Conservancy.

Most itineraries encompass both islands. Both Isla Partida and Isla Espritu Santo offer superb, unspoiled beaches and some of the Western Hemispheres most exceptional sea kayaking, snorkeling, and wildlife-watching opportunities. The conditions are pristineits basically you and the sea, sky, and sand. The good news is that it looks like things will stay that way. The best way to see Partida and Espirito Santo islands is on a guided boat trip or island safari, with opportunities to camp out on the islands under the stars. A number of solid tour guides operate out of La Paz, the capital of the state of Baja California Sura 2-hour boat ride away from the islands.

You can kayak or swim alongside sea lions and seals, snorkel amid manta rays and sharks, and fish for your dinnera gourmet chef will prepare it for you as you relax with your feet in the sand in a beachside tent, watching the last sunbeams of the day pirouette on the sparkling bay. La Paz. Grand Cayman Easy Fun Under the Caribbean Sun Cayman Islands Its cleaner, safer, and more organized than many other islands in the turquoise Caribbean sea, and if theres one drawback to this state of affairs on Grand Cayman island, its that you might wonder why youve come all this way for somewhere about as exotic as.

However, if youre looking for a vacation with reliable sunshine, tropicalcliche beaches, and amazing undersea exploration, in a place thats fun and family-friendly, you could do a lot worse than Grand Cayman. Though Hurricane Ivan inflicted serious damage here in , the rebuilding of the island was an excuse to make some much-needed improvements to many facilities, and Grand Cayman is looking better than ever.

Surrounded by coral reefs and dramatic drop-offs in all directions and endowed with perpetually warm and clear waters, Grand Cayman is a major diving and snorkeling destinationits said to be the birthplace of recreational Caribbean diving; scuba pioneer Bob Soto opened the islands first dive shop in Whats especially nice is that most sites, marked by moorings in the water, are easily accessible right from the beachtheres no need to spend a bunch of money on boat dive trips. In fact, Red Sail is your one-stop shop for just about every activity under the sun or on the waves: If its a watersport, theyll either rent you the equipment or take you out for an excursion.

Beach going on Grand Cayman is practically synonymous with spreading your towel and soaking up the scene on the sugary sands of Seven Mile Beach. Not only is this the most intrinsically spectacular beach on the island, but its also where all the action is. Parasailing and jet-skiing are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the water-based fun herethe sea is shallow and inviting all along the beach, and you can rent ocean kayaks, aqua trikes, view boards, paddle cats, and paddleboats to explore at your leisure.

The calm conditions make this an ideal. Other notable beaches on Grand Cayman are Cemetery Reef great for snorkeling , Smith Cove a diminutive strip of sand perfect for swimming and a quiet picnic , and remote Rum Point, an oasis of Caribbean seclusion with lots of shady palms and an atmospheric beach cafe. The classic Cayman wildlife encounter is Stingray City, a shallow, open-water site about 3km miles east of the islands northwestern tip where you can dive among and feed near-domesticated stingrays.

Its thrilling, though certainly not without its risks: The animals are not normally aggressive, but they still possess dangerous stingers. After a day playing in the surf and sand, take your pick from the dozens of bars and restaurants most attached to hotels,. Bay Rd. This was Anguilla, after all, island of posh resorts and fabulous beaches, and playground of the rich and famous.

But once I got off the ferry I felt. Where was the glamour, the pizazz? All I saw were goats munching dry scrub brush, sandy roads with no stoplights, and a flat, dull horizon of more scrub brush. Once I arrived at my unprepossessing inn, a place that had obviously seen better days, I felt my heart sinking. It was time to hit the beach, for better or worse. The sand was blindingly white, the sea a transparent blue. Fronting the beach was a shady stand of palm trees. A lone dog tripped down the beach. Otherwise, the wide, curving strand was empty: no touts, no hawkers, no jet skis buzzing, no radios.

Just powdery sand, sparkling turquoise seas, and a goofy-looking dog making his merry way along. It was noon, I had been in Anguilla all of 1 hour, and it was the start of a full-blown love affair. Anguilla is many things: Its justly famous for its laid-back luxury hideaways on stunning beaches, with some of the priciest rooms in the region. A British dependency, having been colonized by English settlers in the 17th century, its also an old-fashioned sort of place, with a modest and unassuming but welleducated, tightly knit community of some 14, people.

The influence of the Christian Council has successfully kept cruise ships, casinos, and other potential bogeymen at bay. You wont see bus loads of camera-toting visitors being led from one attraction to another. Frankly, Anguilla has few attractions to begin withif you can call a handful of rickety old colonial relics scattered about attractions. The Valley, the islands main center, has full-service banks and grocery stores, but its not a charmer to tour, like Gustavia on neighboring St.

Barts , which competes with Anguilla for the title of poshest Caribbean island. The landscape is typical coral and limestone; flat, dry scrubland with lowlying salt ponds; and a few hills for panoramic views. You hit scenic gold when you get to the beaches. Rendezvous Bay is a long, curving ribbon of satiny, pale-gold sand that stretches along the bay for 4km miles. In the northeast, 3km mile Shoal Bay is Anguillas most popular beach, with powder-soft sands and a lively beach bar scene. The hookif Anguilla has a hook other than wonderful beaches and correspondingly fine watersports activitiesis the islands ultracasual, ultrainclusive, sublimely pleasurable beach shack scene.

Anguilla has some of the finest restaurants in the Caribbean, but if you want to chill out the barefoot way over barbecue and mellow reggae, hit the beach. Even the most uptight financialservices nerd will feel his backbone slip watching a fine Anguilla sunset with his feet in the sand, a beer in the hand, and a grilled lobster smoking on the coals. There you can snorkel in warm, clear seas until your lobster comes off the grill. Some say this is where Brad and Jennifer bid each other adieu.

Romance may be fleeting, after all, but true lovewere talking mine for Anguillais here to stay. Small commuter airlines fly into Anguillas Wallblake Airport from St. Thomas, San Juan, and Antigua. Public ferries run between Marigot Bay, St. Santa Catarina Island Ilha de Santa Catarina , aka the island of Florianpolis, has become one of the most popular destinations in Brazil, with miles and miles of gorgeous beaches offering world-class surfing.

First, whats the difference between Santa Catarina, Florianpolis, and Floripa? Florianpolis the city is the capital of the state of Santa Catarina, about a 1-hour flight from So Paolo. Half of the city is also located on the island of Santa Catarina. Island and city together are just referred to as Florianpolis, which people often shorten to Floripa. Floripa is easily accessed via a bridge from the mainland. Much of Floripas appeal has to do with its 42yes, 42beaches, not a stinker in the bunch.

The north end of the island is made up of modern resorts and calm waters; its an urbanized, heavily touristed beach scene, particularly in the high summer months of December, January, and February. Yet even amid all the action, the beaches are perfectly swimmable, even picturesque. If you like your beaches less trammeled, check out Santinho, a quieter spot on the rocky northern coast with a beautiful, expansive beach, the islands only five-star resort, and a quaint village.

Farther south in the center of the island, the Lagoa da Conceio is a large lagoon wrapped in sand dune and verdant vegetation. Nearby, the quiet little community of Lagoa da Conceio boasts some of the best restaurants in the region. Barra de Lagoa has vintage fishing-village charm, more good beaches, and del Morro de Barra, a lovely section of town linked by a lagoon crossed by a hanging bridge where no cars are allowed.

Just to the east are the spectacular beaches of Galeta, Mole, and Joaquinawide, sandy strands enveloped in verdant green hills and blessed with large, surfable waves. Mole is a happening hangout for gorgeous bodies and skimpy swimsuits. Lovely Galeta doesnt even bother with the suits: Its the islands only clothingoptional beach. Farther south toward Campeche, the handsome beaches become more rugged and the rolling waves are like catnip to surfersand the partying goes well into the night here.

To the west side of the island facing the mainland, the quaint Azorean fishing village of Ribero da Ilha is accessible only via a narrow, winding seaside road with views of the Bahia Sul and the lush hills of the mainland across the bay. Wherever you are, you wont be far from restaurants and cafes offering delicious regional seafood. Local camaro shrimp figure prominently on menus, as do local oysters, farmed right here in the seas around Ribero da Ilha.

Florianpolis International Airport. Im the sort of beachgoer who could spend the entire day walking up and down the strand, searching for seashellsin fact, once I get started, I hardly notice anything else.


Maybe its because Im a Midwesterner, but I still get a ridiculous thrill out of finding shells in the sand, even relatively common things like whelks, olives, scallops, sand dollars, and conch. And Ive never found a better place to indulge this obsession than down on the Gulf Coast of Florida, where a little apostrophe of coastal keys, attached by a long causeway to Fort Myers, offers the most amazing concentration of seashells Ive ever seen. Sanibel Island is a superb beach destination for other reasons, toofine sugary white sand and healthy stands of palm trees, the local curbs on high-rises and tacky development, the amount of land devoted to wildlife refugesbut Ill freely admit that it was the shells I went for, and they did not disappoint.

Some species of shells can be found on Sanibels wide, placid beaches. Prime time for shell hunting is February to April or after any storm; low tide is the best time of day. Shells can be sharp, so wear Aqua Socks or old running shoes whenever you go walking on the beach. Just make sure to peer into the shell to check whether living creatures are still insideFlorida law prohibits taking live shells from the beaches. Most important for my purpose, though, was the Wheel of Fortuneshaped case identifying shells likely to wash up on Sanibel.

Maybe next time Ill get around to thatIll just need an extra suitcase to tote all my treasures home. Tourist information, Causeway Rd. Green Island Coral Cay Paradise Australia Reportedly, the local aboriginal population regarded this 6,year-old island as wunjamia place haunted by spirits, to be avoided if possible. But those days are long gone: Reachable by a minute catamaran ride from the mainland city of Cairns, this gorgeous, hectare acre coral cay island has become a favorite destination for Aussie day-trippers, who come to enjoy the sun, sand, and flora and fauna.

Located 27km 17 miles off the coast of Queensland, Australia, in the middle of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park, Green Island offers natural beautyin addition to its spectacular beaches and reefs, its the only one of the Great Barrier Reefs sand cays with its own rainforestand some of the worlds best snorkeling and scuba diving right off the beach. Green Island has always emphasized ecofriendly tourism, dating back to its designation as a national park in Glass-bottom-boat tours are a specialty herein fact, Green Island is thought to have been the first place on earth to employ this boating innovation and the island also boasts the worlds oldest underwater observatory.

For those inclined to immerse themselves in the surrounding sea, snorkeling and scuba gear can be rented, and diving boat trips to the nearby Great Barrier Reef itself are also available. Insiders know that the true Green Island experience begins after the last ferry leaves the island at each afternoon. Then, the overnight guests of Green. The resort features 46 luxury suites set in the midst of the islands rainforest, and a stay grants access to the underwater observatory, windsurfing, canoeing and snorkeling equipment, a glass-bottom-boat tour, and a guided nighttime nature tour. Scuba instruction and certification is also offered.

Guests of the resort can have a great time just exploring on their own, though, as theyre given the run of an island with a circumference that can be walked in a little under an hour. In addition to the marine life, guests give particularly high marks to the sunset, the empty stretches of beach, and the opportunity to spot offshore fish feeding at twilightan event that sharks have been known to attend.

If youre not staying on the resort, you can still visit the island on a day tripa number of tour operators offer boat trips that include stops on the island. With Sydney a good 4 hours away by plane and boat, Green Island remains a bit off the beaten track. And if youre lucky enough to claim the island for your own, you may find yourself hoping the rest of the world heeds the old aboriginal legends and keeps awayat least for a night or two.

Cairns 4 hr. Just west of mainland Vietnam in the Gulf of Thailand, this island falls squarely in the category of go now destinations around the globe. Resort developers and Vietnamese tourism authorities are grooming Phu Quoc to be the next big ecotourism vacation spot in Southeast Asia.

But until modern infrastructure arrives, Phu Quoc is a superauthentic island getaway, where luxury hotels are still very affordable and golf courses are nonexistent, and where touring is done by moped down dusty red-dirt roads that lead to secluded beaches. Phu Quoc is best suited to those with a sense of adventure and a love of unvarnished culture. While Phu Quoc has some of the best and least trodden beaches in the region, getting to those unspoiled stretches of sand often means renting a scooter and threading your way down unmarked dirt roads or arranging casual rides with local fishermen or motorists.

Even with prearranged boat or fourwheel-drive tours, you never really know what youre going to get, which is certainly half the fun. Head for the north and northeast part of the island to find the emptiest, most gorgeous beaches. If you do set out on your own exploration of Phu Quoc, always pack a lunch and plenty of water, though even the smallest towns and quietest beaches usually have some sort of restaurant where you can sample the delicious, seafood-rich island cuisine.

The main town on Phu Quoc is Duong Dong, on the west coast of the emeraldshaped island, where the airport, seaport, and most hotels and services are located. An Thoi, on the southern coast, is the next town of any size; its a bit too remote to function as a base, but is close to the pristine white-sand beaches of Bai Sou and Bai Kem.

Sprinkled up and down the coasts of Phu Quoc are smaller, less developed villages where visitors can have a truly genuine encounter with island culture. One is Cua Can, interesting for its old wooden bridges and where impromptu tours up the Cua Can River can be arranged with local fishermen. Anywhere you visit on Phu Quoc, youll need to get used to the islands smell. Because Phu Quoc is one of the premier manufacturers of fish sauce in Vietnam, the scent of dried fish literally permeates every corner of the island.

Attempting to transport a souvenir bottle of fish sauce out of Phu Quoc is another story: The airlines have banned them because of the risk of breakage and accompanying stench in the cabin and cargo hold! Because of its limited transportation connections you can fly here from Ho Chi Minh City or take a ferry from Rach Gia and Ha Tien, on the west coast of Vietnam , Phu Quoc is usually visited as part of a longer trip to Vietnam and Cambodia.

When the new international airport is completed sometime around more direct flights from more cities will surely bring a new kind of tourism here. Lombok Not the Next Bali Indonesia Travel writers and tourism board officials in search of catchy tag lines love to compare Lombok to Bali , that much more famous Indonesian island 40km 25 miles to the west: Lombok, they say, is what Bali was like 30 years ago, or an unspoiled version of Bali. These descriptions are only partly apt. Lombok is predominantly Muslim, whereas Bali gets much of its distinctive flavor from its unique Hindu traditions.

Lomboks geography is quite different, and its generally much drier here than in Bali. But unlike Balis well-developed tourism infrastructure, tourism is in its early stages on Lombok: Despite recent resort development, the overall atmosphere that prevails on Lombok is that of an authentic. Hiking to the top of Rinjani is the favorite pursuit of many backpackers who stay on the Gili Islands, off Lomboks west coast.

Mataram is the largest city on Lombok, where youll find fascinating local flavor in the streets and markets but not much in the way of Western tourism. Lomboks hotel strip lies to the north of Mataram in an area called Senggigi. Surfers will want to make a beeline for Kuta on the south coast not to be confused with Balis bertouristy Kuta Beach , which has some of the best waves in the world.

At Grupuk Beach in the Kuta area swimmers can enjoy the calm waters of the cove, while boarders can take outrigger canoes to the waves beyond the point. The biggest waves are usually at rugged Seger Beach, 2km miles from Kuta. Lomboks interior of gently rolling hills is filled with rural villages and waterfalls that make for fun and edifying day trips when you need a break from the sun and sand.

Arts and crafts collectors will find Lombok immensely satisfying, as the island specializes in pottery, baskets, and woven textiles that are still very affordable. All throughout Lombok, youll also receive a warm and hospitable reception from localsand especially children, whose smiles are infectious. Political unrest in Indonesia in the early 21st century had a dramatic impact on the growth of tourism on Lombok, and its just now beginning to pick up again, as foreign investors pour millions into luxury resorts and golf courses.

My advice is to travel to Lombok now, on the cusp of its tourist boom, before it truly becomes another overcommercialized Bali. Tioman Island Dragon of the Sea Malaysia Legend has it that Tioman Island, 58km 36 miles off Malaysias east coast, is actually a dragon princess who stopped here to rest, fell in love with the beauty of the place, and never left. Its a sentiment many visitors share. The largest island in a string of volcanic atolls in the South China Sea, Tioman is indeed shaped like a sleeping dragon. Although its a treasured destination for many Malaysian vacationers, Tioman is still fairly raw and largely undiscovered, with nowhere near the development of sister Malaysian islands Penang and Langkawi , on.

The business of tourism is a modest one on Tioman, with one large resort and a smattering of understated lodges, chalets perched in the jungle canopy, and traditional huts set in the sand. The island has no asphalt roads except in the main town of Tekek or cars just bikes and four-wheel-drives in fact, the most expeditious way to get around is by hopping a boat from one part of the island to the other.

The waters surrounding Tioman are part of the protected Tioman Marine Park. A controversial marina project that reportedly cut into the fragile coral reef enveloping the island was allowed to move forward and is now open, and the island has been awarded duty-free status.

Little Tioman may be on the verge of a development boom. Tioman Island first entered the global consciousness when the movie South Pacific was filmed here in In its role as the paradisiacal Bali Hai, Tioman was trumpeted as one of the most beautiful islands in the world. Its still spectacularly lovely. Emerald cliffs rise dramatically from pale-sand beaches.

The fringing coral reef, gin-clear waters, and balmy year-round water temperatures draw divers and snorkelers from around the world. The snorkeling is especially goodeven right off the beaches. One of the best places to snorkel is in Air Batang, where you can swim amid coral gardens packed with colorful fish and turtles. For such a relatively small islandits only 22km long and 11km wide miles Tioman is incredibly diverse, a magnificent hodgepodge of rainforest, mist-shrouded granite spires, mangrove swamp forest, and coral reef.

Much of the island interior is tangled jungle vegetation and protected nature reserve. The woods are filled with rare and exotic breeds, including the long-tailed macaque, binturong Asian bearcat , pythons, and some species of birds. Trekking trails through the steamy jungle interior take in waterfalls, rapids, and natural pools.

Note: November to February is monsoon season, with frequent rain showers and rougher seas. Tekek Airport 40 min. From Tanjung Gemok 1 hr. From Mersing 2 hr. Kamaran Island Red Sea Reefs Yemen Kamaran gets its Arabic name, two moons, for the unusual double reflection of the moon that its possible to see, just as the moon is rising in the early evening, in the waters off the northern end of the island. Located at the strategic southern. Interesting remnants of those eras remain scattered over the island, but Kamarans most compelling draw for visitors is its excellent diving and opportunities to experience a very traditional way of life, practically untouched by tourism.

Long and thin, sq. Look in almost any direction, and the panorama consists of two colors: beige and turquoise. Tawny stone buildings left over from Kamarans most prosperous era, when the Ottomans used it as a quarantine station for pilgrims on their way to Mecca, blend almost imperceptibly into the backdrop of gently rolling dunes. The islands sparse population is divided among three dusty, yet fascinating and friendly, authentic villages where visitors can mix with friendly locals and sample the delicious and cheap typical island food.

The coastline of Kamaran descends into the tantalizing, wildlife-rich waters of the Red Sea: Its this embarrassment of undersea vitality, contrasting so starkly with the barren scene on land, that makes a visit here so worthwhile for divers and snorkelers. Kamaran is surrounded on three sides by coral reefs, with dense mangroves taking up the fourth side. While the perimeter of Kamaran itself is riddled with places where you can swim among schools of grouper and rays or explore archaeological remains of the islands previous eras, some of the best dive sites lie off such uninhabited nearby islands as Zubayr and Ogban, which have endless mazes of coral channels and caves and an awesome spectrum of fish, sea turtles, sharks, and dolphins.

Tourism on Kamaran is decidedly primitive: There are no palm-lined drives, no golf courses, no shopping centers. The only hotel on the island is really a camp of sorts, Kamaran Tourist Village see below. Accommodations are seaside tihama huts mud-and-thatch constructions typical of the Red Sea coast with traditional cots or western-style beds and mosquito nets. Toilets and showers are in another building a short walk away. By day, the tourist village organizes diving excursions and tours by donkey or by pickup of Kamarans historical sights; by night, communal feasts and performances by traditional local musicians bring guests together in the central mafraj sitting room.

Until those projects are carried out, for anyone not interested in Red Sea diving, or complete peace and quiet in a place that is still culturally authentic, Kamaran can feel desolate, and the sun and moist heat on the Red Sea, need I remind you, are unrelenting. Kamaran airport, with connections to Sanaa. Or fly to Sanaa, then drive or bus to Salif and make a min.

Frommer's Complete Guides: Los Cabos and Baja by Joy Hepp and Valerie Hamilton (2011, Paperback)

But this island chain is much more gloriously untouched, with rudimentary tourist infrastructure and pristine ecosystems. Largely free of the civil unrest and political upheaval that bedeviled many Latin American nations in the late 20th century, the Venezuelan archipelago of Los Roques offers an embarrassment of riches when it comes to experiencing the Caribbean of old. The archipelago Los Roques is made up of some islands, hectares , acres of sea and land that includes more than 42 cayos, or coral cays, and spectacularly colorful coral reefs.

Only a handful of the islands and cays are inhabited. A national park since , the islands of Los Roques compose the largest marine reserve archipelago in the world. Los Roques is protected by not one but two barrier reefs. The archipelago is a sailors dream; constant winds range from 10 to 15 knots, and the barrier reefs ensure that the waters are protected. In fact, many people charter a crewed sailboat or motored yacht in Los Roques and dip from one jewel-like cay to another, stopping to snorkel or fish in brilliantly clear, warm lagoon waters.

Others take up residence in one of the many family-owned posadas inns on Gran Roque, the largest island in the archipelago and the only island with lodging options its also the site of the airport. Strict regulations ensure that the island is not overrun with megaresorts: None of the posadas is higher than two floors, and none has more than 15 rooms. A good half of the posadas are owned by Italian expats, which explains the islands oldworld Mediterranean vibecafe menus include such Italian classics as carpaccio. The boat-filled Gran Roque beach is a great place to promenade, but its not the beach youve come from miles away to experienceyou find it in the breathtaking little cays strewn throughout the archipelago.

A stay in a posada lets you enjoy the culture of the island and get your Robinson Crusoe fix, too: Most offer full-service day trip excursions to a lovely, uninhabited cay nearby to which youre delivered by boat, with a picnic basket of food, a cooler of beer, and a big umbrella. Ah, paradisio! The diving and snorkeling in and around Los Roques is world-class. Many fishermen come from around the globe to go bonefishing in Los Roques; called the gray ghost of the shoals, the bonefish of Los Roques are big, weighing up to 5.

The seas are full of tarpon, jacks, barracuda, tuna, and bonito. Gran Roques is also garnering attention as a terrific kitesurfing spot; the constant winds fill billowing sails and send boards skimming across the seas. Keep in mind that if you plan to charter a boat in Venezuela, the boat should be licensed by the Venezuelan authorities and a Venezuelan marinero mariner must be onboard.

So if you want to explore the Venezuelan archipelagos bareboat without a crew , youll need to board the boat in another countrynearby Grenada is a good choice. Otherwise, any boat you hire in Venezuela comes with a crewnot a bad idea if youre unfamiliar with these waters. Only the northeast corner of the national marine park is allowed to have accommodations for visitors, and the islands have virtually no cars or truckspeople get around largely by golf cart, bicycle, or good old feet.

Being on land is a temporary state of being, however; most everyone is lost in a liquid Caribbean dream. Caracas to Gran Roque 35 min. Boat charter from Caracas or Puerto la Cruz mainland Venezuela. Nevis Liming It The sleepy, laid-back counterpart to its busier, more touristed sister island, St. Kitts , Nevis is the unvarnished, unspoiled Caribbean. Its lovely, all right, with bejeweled coral reefs and palmfringed, white-sand beaches.

Still, goats and donkeys roam the largely rural sq. Its no vision of manicured perfection, and for many travelers, thats not a bad thing. Nevis pronounced Nee-vis was built on sugar cane, and the 18th-century ruins of the sugar trade can be found all over the island. Nevis, one-half of a two-island federation the larger St. Kitts is the other half separated from Nevis by a 3. The islands capital and main port, Charlestown, is a living-history relic from colonial times, its streets lined with Georgian-style structures.

The island was slowly building a reputation for gracious West Indiesstyle hospitality when Hurricane Omar hit the region in Damage from the hurricane closed down the islands largest and swankiest property, the Four Seasons Nevis, and put hundreds of islanders out of work the resort was scheduled to reopen in summer The handful of other island properties, many of them small-scale inns charmingly rejiggered from centuries-old sugar plantations, are soldiering on in a weakened world economy.

Still, quiet seclusion has its fans, and Nevis is increasingly on the radar of those rich and discerning folks who are weary of glitzy resorts and who appreciate discreet, character-filled tropical hideaways far from the cruise ship crowds. Its been called a rustic alternative to St. Painter Brice Marden recently bought the Golden Rock Plantation Inn, an old sugar plantation that was converted into an inn in It doesnt hurt that Nevis is blessed with a stunningly scenic landscape that takes in velvety volcanic peaks, beautiful beaches, and lush rainforest.

You can hike up m 3,ft. You can take a fabulous. Nevis has a number of fine beaches, including Oualie, which lies in a sheltered cove with sunset views, and Pinneys, a 4. You can sail, windsurf, and fish to your hearts content, or you can golf, hike, and play tennisbut really, put down that tennis racket and put up your feet. Nevis is about succumbing to the islands old-fashioned West Indian charm and meditating on a grain of sand.

Taking it easy is called. Antigua 20 min.

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Products of this store will be shipped directly from Kuwait to your country. Oman Change Country. Shop By Category. My Orders. Track Orders. From Japanese at Nicksan www. For good, old American-style, the funky Roadhouse www. Upping the scale for dining, a night at Pitahayas www. If time allows—and I always ask they allow at least a week to get a sense of what Los Cabos is all about—a jaunt up to Cabo Pulmo for the absolute epitome of snorkeling and diving. The Ida Victoria Gallery is not to be missed, nor are the fine sculptures and paintings of world-renowned artist, Frank Arnold.

One of my friends has a good approach: She takes her guests to lunch at the legendary Cabo Wabo www. Out-of-towners love visiting the iconic Cabo Wabo Cantina top. Indulge in some shopping at Luxury Avenue bottom. Sometimes just taking in a movie at Puerto Paraiso www. My farewell bid is to come back soon and often.


Dolphins, orcas, and flying rays are spotted year round, and come winter they are joined by humpbacks, gray whales, and other magnificent migrating mammals. Enjoy yummy food, an all-youcan-drink open bar, and a gregarious crew. Be prepared to dance! The foot black-and-yellow pirate-themed Buccaneer Queen www. Adventure seekers can still return to the ship for an evening of good times, pirate theatrics, and stunning vistas. Cabo Legend www. Its Yo Ho Ho sunset cruise features barbecued ribs, chicken, open bar, and all the pirate jokes you could ever ask for. Cabo Escape Known for its floating nightclub, Cabo Escape www.

The double-decker catamaran sets sail nightly for its fajita. Caborey The triple-deck, foot Caborey www. Enjoy views of the picturesque Cabo San Lucas Bay as you quaff cocktails and listen to music. Dine on a Mexican buffet, enjoy a domestic open bar, and soak up those sunset views. Tropicat Enjoy wine, jazz, and delicious appetizers on the celebrated wine and jazz sunset cruise from Tropicat www. Cabo Sails Cabo Sails www. Boats range from 28 feet to 44 feet. Bonus: Children 12 and younger sail free. Get ready for adventure! Los Cabos was seemingly designed for exploration—by land, sea, and water—with a plethora of activities catering to the multitude of visitors we welcome each year.

For an even more complete listing of activities, please visit www. And to find out which businesses participate in our discount prepaid voucher, visit www. The natural marine park reserve located about 60 miles northeast of Cabo San Lucas is home to one of only three living reefs in North America. Get your thrills as you jump from a glass-bottom gondola feet in the air! Wild Canyon also offers round-trip transportation from hotels.

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Wild Canyon www. It was designed especially for families children 4 and older can participate , and there are dedicated camels for wee riders. Plus, small groups can pet, feed ,and interact with the gentle and friendly animals. Read on for more options. Cabo Escape www. Professionally photographed memento images are immediately available at the end of this heart-warming experience. Dolphin Discovery www. First time anglers and seasoned fishing professionals are guaranteed a memorable time in Los Cabos from any outing aboard these crews. Gaviotas Sportfishing www. The professional and bilingual staff offer expert instruction and will have you flying in.

The calm waters of the Cabo San Lucas Bay plus the scenic surroundings and year-round good weather make kayaking in Cabo an absolute must. EcoCat www. Enjoy dinner, a fiery show, and sunset views atop the Caborey left. Find your own catch of the day with Gaviotas right. Party Boats Like the sunset cruises, the Los Cabos party boats are all about fun, fun, fun. Ideal for bachelor and bachelorette soirees.

Buccaneer Queen www. Pirate Ships Cabo San Lucas sports two antique pirate ships: the Buccaneer Queen black-and-yellow-painted galleon and the foot twin-masted brig known as the Cabo Legend. Their two-and-a-half-hour ocean tour is great fun for all ages. Sailing The ideal opportunity for any sailing enthusiast, whether an avid pro or for those enjoying their first time.

Private and overnight charters available. Cabo Sailing www. Baja Dirt www. Off-Road Runners The Honda quad-runners available with Wild Canyon are a thrilling joyride of adventure, zooming around the popular eco-park with rugged desert terrain, canyons, and mountains, following their professional guides. Big Mike Sea Adventure www. Submarine Rides A foot semi-submersible yellow submarine takes guests underwater to witness the interesting underwater sea life. Great for all ages. Snorkeling Cabo Escape top offers the perfect escape. Tropicat www. Known as the most spectacular whale watching destination in the world, with more than 10, annual visitors, Los Cabos offers an upclose-and personal look at the mammoth-sized gentle creatures during their mating and birthing season December 15—April Rey www.

Ziplines Whether solo or in tandem, ziplining from peak to peak at Wild Canyon over scenic canyons is an unforgettably thrilling adventure. The Monster Zipline is the longest. Weddings at Sea Celebrate your wedding or anniversary, aboard a the ocean breeze comforts of a beautiful boat. SunRider Tours www. Whale Sharks Adventures Whale sharks have been deemed the largest fish in the world and can grow up to 40 feet, while most average around feet.

The slow-moving and docile creatures account for a safe and exciting swimming adventure. Legends As Los Cabos Magazine celebrates 25 years, we salute the restaurants that have also stood the test of time. D I N I N G As Los Cabos Magazine celebrates its 25th year of publication, we wanted to take a moment to honor the transformation this region has undertaken and the restaurants that have made it what it is: a spectacular destination with world-class dining.

Yes, that was its name. When I first arrived in Cabo San Lucas in the early s and was told that the restaurant to go to was The Trailer Park, the name made me hesitate. I went.

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  8. I loved it and have been a fan ever since. Peacocks www. Its eye-catching sister restaurants Mi. Casa www. The Office www. Cabo Wabo www. Rocker Sammy Hagar had a dream to open a tequila bar with a small stage so that he could perform when in town and other musicians could take advantage of it, too. Other nightclubs of that era include El Squid Roe www. Food is ancillary to the action at either place, but the offerings are satisfactory and necessary when downing straight shots of tequila poured into open mouths.

    This is where many yacht people hung out back in the days, leaving messages for one another due to lack of any sophisticated telecommunication.

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    What was known as Latitude 22 back in is now The Roadhouse and located in a new spot. The marine memorabilia is worth a visit all its own. Nick-San www. It is still a big draw. A second location was later opened in the Shoppes at Palmilla, and both are thriving. I remember sitting on the beach in the early s with my toes in the sand at Casa Cascadas www. That impression is still heavy on my mind, and Casa Cascadas is still a spot I love to visit throughout the week, especially for Sunday brunch.

    El Coral www. Located across from Tesoro Resort, the restaurant—now bigger and remodeled is still in the running for most authentic Mexican fare. Reminiscing about 25 years ago is a trip down memory lane to those of us who have experienced the growth of Los Cabos. Those days were magical. Gardenias www. And it offers a huge variety, with everything from traditional fish or steak tacos to less-common finds like cochinita pibil and nopales.

    Villa Serena www. The bar will also stay open late till 2 a. The corner spot has a devout following of Los Cabos residents, who appreciate the delectable breakfast, tasty lunches, and delicious dinner options as well as the nice, affordable menu item prices. All major credit cards accepted. Open from 7 a. Los Cabos Magazine WInter Discover Mediterranean at its finest—and for unbeatable prices at Alcaravea Gourmet.

    The lunch specials here offer an incredible deal: A threecourse meal is available noon— p. Each day there is a different dish, like seabass topped with pesto or top sirloin beef with marsala wine sauce and mushrooms, chicken breast with eggplant baked in tomato sauce, or pasta in butter with tomatoes and olives. A petit dessert comes with the meal; it might be a chocolate brownie with a dollop of vanilla ice cream or a square of mango and yogurt mousse topped with a mixed fruit compote and whipped cream. Best to share and then order the Mediterranean-style catch of the day baked with sun-dried tomatoes and accompanied with pesto and Parmesan on a mirror of Gorgonzola sauce.

    Enjoy the breeze on the cantilevered deck-bar as you dine on appetizers like ceviche, raw chocolate clams named for their color, not flavor , tuna tartar, or oysters on the half shell. Cool winter evenings call for a steaming bowl of creamy lobster bisque. Other favorites include the bacon-wrapped shrimp stuffed with cheese, battered shrimp, and paella. Kitchen closes at p. All major credit cards and vouchers accepted. Opposite page: Pastafrolla knows Mediterranean pictured: Spaghetti aglio e olio.

    This page: a decadent chocolate dessert at Alcaravea Gourmet. From top: Lobster is king at Baja Lobster Co. Yes, you can enjoy your favorite down-home barbecue flavors while in the paradisiacal conditions of Cabo San Lucas. After a day of fun activities, cool down with the must-try Soul Train cocktail, which is made with tequila, grapefruit, and lime juice. If reading this description is making your cholesterol rise, know that there are lighter options like an asparagus salad with portobello mushroom.

    This is a great destination not only for food but also fun Red Rocker Sammy Hagar helped put this oncesleepy fishing village on the map when he opened the club nearly three decades ago. Start with the pan-seared scallops served with Cabo Wabo tequila butter. The chileand-cream-cheese-stuffed mushrooms are another favorite starter.

    For the main course, opt for the famous lobster tacos or the Waburrito, a huge burrito stuffed with chicken, tomatoes, and cheese. Other standout main course options include jumbo shrimp in a cilantro-honey glaze and the pan-seared beef tenderloin. Patio bar: Daily 8 a. Club: Nightly 8 p. Start with mezcal cocktail paired with the fresh tuna tartar topped with pickled vegetables and avocado. A tasting menu might help in the decision-making, with or without wine pairing.

    Vegetarians will enjoy a veggie symphony or risotto with huitlacoche, a corn mushroom delicacy. Lines often form to get in here, but the excellent staff at Campestre Restaurant Bar works speedily to get you in the door and ready to enjoy the home-style, authentic Mexican food that has made this spot a darling among locals and in-the-know visitors.

    Every dish is prepared with traditional ingredients and the love and knowledge that have made Mexican food such a favorite worldwide. Come in the mornings for green chilaquiles topped with steak. Or later in the day to enjoy one of the colorful plates of enchiladas with red or green chile sauce, a chile relleno with shredded chicken and cheese covered in a rich tomato sauce, or fajitas of chicken, beef, or fish served with rice and beans. Come by early to grab a boxed lunch for your day on the water then return come evening time to enjoy your catch prepared just about any way you like it.

    Starters include baked mushrooms stuffed with ri Still hungry after noshing on any of the above? The Hatate Roll at Daikoku is a work of art. Enjoy it along with a variety of Japanese favorites. Shoppes at Palmilla, km Guests can expect a menu that dances about Cathay, Cantonese, and Szechwan dishes while also demonstrating a clear sense of place. Take, for example, the ginger margarita or the martini made with avocado, vodka, sake, lemon, and agave syrup. Steamed crab wontons awaken the palate with a bit of a kick of garlic, ginger, cilantro, and habanero sauce.

    Moo shu pork is wrapped in a crepe prepared tableside and topped with a special hoisin sauce. And there are always fried rice dishes with various additions as well as egg rolls. Treat yourself to an espresso martini, made with Baileys, Frangelico, and espresso or one of the sumptuous desserts such as tempura fried ice cream. Takeout service is available. Missing home? The grilled cheese and tomato soup at District MX is even better than what Grandma used to make.

    Daikoku When you enter Daikoku, you will think you have been transported to Japan. There are two tables where water runs through the tops of the tables and then two small waterfalls that cascade into a Koi pond. There are two teppanyaki grills in the outside garden area. You usually go to a restaurant for the food, but Daikoku throws in a spiritual experience along with the food, and has a very warm and hospitable staff, and air-conditioning. There are many sushi restaurants in Cabo, but Daikoku is one of a kind. The best cuts are from the belly, and from a pound tuna, you may get only a couple of kilos.

    If you love tuna, you must give this a try and you will not be disappointed. The menu also includes chicken and shrimp and other exotic things to choose from. Plaza Nautica, Blvd. Eye-catching decor blends an industrial feel with Los Cabos Magazine Winter There are booths, a VIP area perfect for conversations or parties, and a deck for drinking and soaking up the sun. Beer lovers can enjoy a great variety of draft and craft beer guaranteed the coldest in Baja. Enjoy weekend brunch and build your own masterpiece with the Bloody Mary-Caesar kart.

    Plaza Peninsula, km Noon—11 p. The family-friendly restaurant has a robust menu—there are great options for kids—as well as seven flat-screen TVs and a full bar. Returning from a day of fishing the abundant seas that surround Cabo San Lucas? Each evening, it welcomes them and others with meals worthy of a king. This is a restaurant for the true seafood aficionado. Starters include curricanes with avocado and tuna. Main course items will blow you away. Choose any combination of lobster with lime butter, perfectly prepared filet mignon, jumbo shrimp on skewers with citrus sauce, yellowtail, or sea bass blackened Rockefeller style.

    Ask for the special margarita: It comes in a bowl. A nice ending to a fully satisfying meal is a plate of churros with caramel dipping sauce, and maybe a Baileys and espresso coffee. Satisfaction guaranteed. The pirate-themed restaurant is deliciously kitschy but also boasts a menu that would satisfy the pickiest palate. Calamari gets a twist with. Kids love pirates, so there are also plenty of lunch and dinner offerings geared toward the little ones. For a real Mexican experience, opt for the huachinango red snapper. La Bocana This downtown Cabo San Lucas spot is deliciously relaxed with a menu that exhibits a just-right amount of culinary wanderlust.

    Come for lunch to enjoy a hamburger with wedge-cut fries, then return for piquant sashimi serranitos think fish carpaccio , coconut shrimp, or sushi. Sushi, by the way, is available at a cost of three plates for the price of two on Thursdays. La Bocana also serves a variety of Mexican and artisanal beers that include Minerva pale, Viena dark, and stout at a three-for-two price. Seating at La Bocana consists of the street-view front patio area and the quieter and serene table setting in the back, which includes two large plasma TVs for sports and a large pool table.

    During the week, live musicians perform acoustic and mellow tunes, while on weekends a live band brings the audience a nice brand of harmonious rock and roll, blues, and jazz that covers entertainment. When La Casa de Don Juan moved to its new location on Calle Ignacio Zaragoza, it brought with it all of our old favorites and introduced some new ones, too. More of a morning person? In the last year, La Casa de Don Juan extended its schedule to include lunch and an early dinner.

    Come for the the prix fixe lunch meal, which includes the soup of the day or green salad; two choices of sides such as baked potato, vegetables, pasta, Mexican rice, Carranza, Cabo San Lucas www. La Dolce Northern Italian cuisine is shaped by a convergence of cultures and ingredients. At La Dolce—which has. Come back and try its lunch menu, too! La Dolce also serves an excellent beef tenderloin with Gorgonzola and mushroom sauce. La Panga Antigua, though, is one of our very favorite stops. The year-old mansion has long housed the restaurant, charming with its design and menu.

    Lush Los Cabos Magazine Winter At the far end is an antique panga, a roughly hewn wooden boat for which the restaurant is named. The staff scurries about taking drink orders, such as a refreshing mojito made with hibiscus, and dishing up incredible farm-to-table fare such as appetizers of three-cheese ravioli in a squash blossom sauce; tuna with sesame seed crust and cilantro aioli; baby octopus; or sea scallops with a citrus vinaigrette. Zaragoza No. Los Barriles The whole family will love Los Barriles, a downtown Cabo San Lucas restaurant with a menu that darts about the global and offers a fair share of fusion, too.

    Seriously, they have pastas;