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Educators, homeschoolers, and parents alike have appreciated the comprehensive quality of this award-winning series and the way it mixes lively biography and engaging history with 21 interdisciplinary activities featuring writing, art, math, and science. Beautifully designed and illustrated with photographs and line drawings throughout, each book in the series includes interesting sidebars on the people and ideas that influenced the subject and their contemporaries in the field. Each book also includes a timeline, glossary, index, and resource section listing websites, books, and museums for further exploration.

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And over those 17 years, my elementary kids and I have read many history books together. Here are some of our favorites history books for kids! The series is written for children from grade one to grade eight. And Susan Wise Bauer adds fascinating information that brings history alive. My kids especially love learning about Ancient Egypt. Kids learn all about castles and knights, making the book a favorite year for elementary children. Pick up the activity guides that go with each book.

Each guide includes narration exercises, discussions, additional readings suggestions, and activities. The first three books even have coloring pages for the children to color. And the fourth guide introduces outlining to the kids. And if you struggle to find time for history in your school day, get the Weiss audiobooks and listen to them in the car! This way your middle school student can read an age-appropriate text for more information. The Story of the World series is an excellent investment that you can read with your children beginning in the first grade and continue to use through the 8th grade.

And to be honest, even my high school students enjoy sitting down and listening to The Story of the World when I read it to my younger children.

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History of U. Overall, in the s Americans were focused on fixing their own problems. Through the early and mids, hoping to avoid major involvement in world politics, Roosevelt participated warily in world affairs. Meanwhile, trouble was brewing in Europe. For years Hitler had tried to gain power in Germany, and, in November , he staged an attempt to overthrow the government by holding hostage the leaders of a rival political party who had been meeting at a beer hall.

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For this attempt he was thrown into prison for a short time. While in prison he wrote Mein Kampf, a political philosophy that laid out many of his ideas about Germany's superiority. Through the late s, the Nazi Party's influence slowly grew, but not enough to attract the attention of the world. By the Nazis had only a few seats in the Reichstag, or German parliament.

Things changed quickly, though.

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In , after inflation and high unemployment hit Germany, elections gave the Communists 13 percent of the vote and the Nazis 18 percent. In the elections, President Hindenburg received 53 percent of the vote and Hitler, 37 percent. Giving in to pressure, Hindenburg appointed Hitler as chancellor on January 30, The German people, of whom millions were unemployed, were eager for a leader who could take them into prosperity. Meanwhile, on February 27, , the Reichstag building broke out in flames.

The German Communists were blamed for the fire, and several thousand were arrested. By July Hitler's power was much greater than Hindenburg's.

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After the elderly Hindenburg died in August , the military swore their allegiance to Hitler, and the Nazis took complete control of the government. Hitler continued to have Communist and Socialist leaders arrested, and finally he was able to declare that the Nazi Party was to be the only legal party in Germany. Teams of his specially trained black-shirted "protection team," the Schutz Staffel SS , roamed the streets. Hitler was now in a position to begin the rearmament of Germany.

As the world eyed Germany cautiously, there were already signs that the new Nazi government would spell big trouble for world peace. In , in defiance of the Versailles Treaty, Hitler militarized the Rhineland, the area of Germany along the west banks of the Rhine River. Hitler quickly gained complete support of the people in Germany.

By almost 99 percent of the people said they had confidence in him — few dared oppose him. To restore pride in Germany and also to create loyalty to the Nazi Party, Hitler organized youth groups. German boys and girls, some as young as six years old, were encouraged to join these groups. Many of these youths joined the army when they grew up and fought during the war in France, Poland, and Russia. Most of them did not have a choice. In March , service in the German Army became mandatory for all German men of military age. In June , it became a law that German men who turned 20 had to join the Arbeitsdienst work service to help build roads or construct buildings for six months to prepare for service in the army.

By the end of the year almost , young German men had been called into army service. Each year hundreds of thousands more German men were drafted. Factories turned out new planes, warships, and weapons at an alarming rate. The building of an air force and the enforcement of an army draft were both violations of the Treaty of Versailles.

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In April , a German official said, "The necessity of a new European peace conference to replace the Versailles Treaty has long been evident Though the American government was not very interested in becoming involved in world politics, the American people were well aware of the situation in Europe. There was also a story about a proposed student antiwar strike organized by the National Student Strike Committee, which hoped to convince 50, students to strike as a way to "protest the world armament race.

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In Mussolini had sent troops into a part of Africa known then as Abyssinia, now Ethiopia. The League of Nations told Italy it was in violation of the rules, but Italy requested that it be allowed to resolve the crisis with the Ethiopian government alone and not go through the League of Nations, to which Ethiopia had sent a complaint. As Germany rearmed and grew stronger, Hitler became greedy for more territory. Hitler, like Benito Mussolini in Italy, was a Fascist.

The Fascists believed in absolute power for a dictator and in expansion of their countries and exploitation of other countries, even at the expense of lives. In Hitler and Mussolini agreed to form the Rome — Berlin Axis, a partnership that laid the foundation for the Fascist takeover of Europe. Both countries had an interest in the Spanish Civil War, begun in Both Germany and Italy provided Franco's forces with aid.

At this point President Roosevelt was still trying to keep America out of the mess in Europe, but he saw that it would be wise to prepare for war anyway. He asked Congress for a billion dollar program to build up the United States fleet of warships.