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On semigroups of convolution operators in Hilbert space. Some existence theorems in the calculus of variations. Pacific Journal of Mathematics 19 — Perturbations of a critical fractional equation. Bochner's technique on Lorentzian manifolds and infinitesimal conformal symmetries. Fixed points of boundary-preserving maps of surfaces. The collineation groups of division ring planes. Jordan division rings. On commutative rings over which the singular submodule is a direct summand for every module. Pacific Journal of Mathematics 31 — Embedding lattices into lattices of ideals.

Pacific Journal of Mathematics 85 65— Extending maps of a Cantor set product with an arc to near homeomorphisms of the 2-disk. Three spectral theorems for a pair of singular first-order differential equations. Heyting algebras with dual pseudocomplementation. Pacific Journal of Mathematics 39— Groups of PL-homeomorphisms admitting non-trivial invariant characters. On stable parallelizability of flag manifolds. Sigma theory and twisted conjugacy-II: Hougton groups and pure symmetric automorphism groups.

Stable parallelizability of partially oriented flag manifolds. Pacific Journal of Mathematics 35 —b. Ordered cycle lengths in a random permutation. Pacific Journal of Mathematics 36 — Some renewal theorems concerning a sequence of correlated random variables. Pacific Journal of Mathematics 30 — Commuting co-commuting squares and finite-dimensional Kac algebras. Combinatorial functions and regressive isols. Tunnel number one knots and meridional tori.

Horrocks' question for monomially graded modules. Operator ideals related to absolutely summing and Cohen strongly summing operators. The existence of strong liftings for totally ordered measure spaces. A general theorem for bilinear generating functions. Pacific Journal of Mathematics 35 — Invariant subspaces and unstarred operator algebras. Pacific Journal of Mathematics 17 — Landau--Toeplitz theorems for slice regular functions over quaternions.

Alternating method on arbitrary Riemann surfaces. Pacific Journal of Mathematics 3 — Behavior of Green lines at the Kuramochi boundary of a Riemann surface. Pacific Journal of Mathematics 50 — Duffin's function and Hadamard's conjecture. Harmonic functionals on open Riemann surfaces. Meromorphic functions and conformal metrics on Riemann surfaces.

On locally meromorphic functions with single-valued moduli. Point norms in the construction of harmonic forms. Pacific Journal of Mathematics 25 — Pacific Journal of Mathematics 46 — Pacific Journal of Mathematics 41 — On Primitive Subdivisions of anElementary Tetrahedron. Tverberg partitions and Borsuk--Ulam theorems. Problems and results on additive properties of general sequences. Multiplication of distributions and a nonlinear model in elastodynamics. Pacific Journal of Mathematics 5 — Homotopy types of spherical fibre spaces over spheres. Free resolutions of some Schubert singularities.

Pacific Journal of Mathematics 66 83— Stationary phase for two parameters with an application to Bessel functions. Maximum and monotonicity properties of initial boundary value problems for hyperbolic equations. Laplace's method for multiple integrals. Utterly integer valued entire functions. On dispersive operators in Banach lattices.

Pacific Journal of Mathematics 33 — On stable commutator length in hyperelliptic mapping class groups. Two subfactors arising from a non-degenerate commuting square: An answer to a question raised by V. A general ratio ergodic theorem for semigroups. Pacific Journal of Mathematics 47 — An Abel-maximal ergodic theorem for semi-groups.


Pacific Journal of Mathematics 78 — Invariant measures for ergodic semigroups of operators. Maximal functions for a semiflow in an infinite measure space. On decomposition of transformations in infinite measure spaces. Pacific Journal of Mathematics 44 — Positive operators and the ergodic theorem.

Pacific Journal of Mathematics 76 — Erratum to The Johnson-Morita theory for the ring of Fricke characters of free groups. The Johnson-Morita theory for the ring of Fricke characters of free groups. Pacific Journal of Mathematics 77 — The number of equations defining points in general position. Topological invariance of quantum quaternion spheres. Products of non-stationary random matrices and multiperiodic equations of several scaling factors.

Erratum to quiver grassmannians, quiver varieties and the preprojective algebra. Quiver grassmannians, quiver varieties and the preprojective algebra. Pacific Journal of Mathematics 87 — Fukumoto--Furuta invariants of plumbed homology 3-spheres. The Bochner formula for isometric immersions. Correction to: On continuity of multiplication in a complemented algebra. Pacific Journal of Mathematics 15 —b. On continuity of multiplication in a complemented algebra. On some classes of scalar-product algebras. Pacific Journal of Mathematics 16 — The asymptotic expansion of spherical functions on symmetric cones.

The product formula for the spherical functions on symmetric spaces inthe complex case. Pacific Journal of Mathematics 20 — On the dimension of the set of extremal discs for a CR manifold of codimension two.

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Rings of functions with certain Lipschitz properties. Pacific Journal of Mathematics 32 — The Dirichlet problem for nonlinear elliptic equations. Pacific Journal of Mathematics 27 — Pacific Journal of Mathematics i—xx. Norm attaining operators on some classical Banach spaces. Some spectral properties of positive linear operators. Fields of character values for finite special unitary groups. Vector bundles over a real elliptic curve. Pacific Journal of Mathematics 43— Nonsingular deformations of a determinantal scheme. A weak multiplicity-one theorem forSiegel modular forms.

Proximity in the curve complex: Boundary reduction and bicompressible surfaces. Pacific Journal of Mathematics 80 — Stability conditions for nonlinear products and semigroups. Pacific Journal of Mathematics 85 — Pacific Journal of Mathematics 73— Non-autonomous second order Hamiltonian systems. Partial regularity of solutions to the Navier-Stokes equations. Pacific Journal of Mathematics 66 — Pacific Journal of Mathematics 23 — Some remarks on orderings under finite field extensions. Homomorphisms and subdirect decompositions of semi-groups.

Alternative algebras having scalar involutions. Gauthier's localization theorem on meromorphic uniform approximation. A generalization of the central elements of a group. Pacific Journal of Mathematics 97— Fundamental groups of compact complete locally affine complex surfaces. Groups with torsion, bordism and rho-invariants.

Fredholm eigen values of multiply-connected domains. Grunsky inequalities for univalent functions with prescribed Hayman index. Riemann surfaces which are doubles of plane domains. Robin functions and energy functionals of multiply connected domains. The Fredholm eigen values of plane domains. Pacific Journal of Mathematics 7 — Expected values of functionals with respect to the Ito distribution. Reducibility of polynomials in several variables. Coincidences and fixed points of multifunctions into trees.

Pacific Journal of Mathematics 34 — Effluent and noneffluent fixed points on dendrites. Fixed point and coincidence sets of biconnected multifunctions on trees. Pacific Journal of Mathematics 40 — Mappings of polyhedra with prescribed fixed points and fixed point indices. Properties of fixed point sets on dendrites. Nielsen root theory and Hopf degree theory. Pacific Journal of Mathematics 98 — Non-aposyndesis and non-hereditary decomposability. Approximation to an extremal number, its square and its cube.

Chordal generators and the hydrodynamic normalization for the unit ball. On the infinitesimal rigidity of polyhedra with vertices in convex position. Artinian, almost abelian groups and their groups of automorphisms. Pacific Journal of Mathematics 75 87— Homotopy invariance of contravariant functors acting on smooth manifolds. On the homotopy invariance of certain functors. Mixing automorphisms of compact groups and a theorem by Kurt Mahler. The cohomology of higher-dimensional shifts of finite type. Testing the functional equations of a high degree Euler product.

Zeta integrals for GSp 4 via Bessel models. Mean values and non-periodic pressure in convectionproblems between plates or with stress-free boundaries.

1991 Mathematics Subject Classification (MSC 1991)

Embedded constant curvature curves on convex surfaces. Some theorems in Fourier analysis on symmetric sets. Pacific Journal of Mathematics 66 9— Pacific Journal of Mathematics 58 — Pacific Journal of Mathematics 74 — A universal construction of universal deformation formulas, Drinfel'd twists and their positivity. Interpolation, continuation, and quadratic inequalities.

Some coefficient problems and applications. Pacific Journal of Mathematics 71— Spectral sequences. Axiomatic homology. Continous measure-preserving maps onto Peano spaces. A new proof of the maximum principle for doubly-harmonic functions. Pacific Journal of Mathematics 23 —a. Pacific Journal of Mathematics 21 — Centralizers of abelian, normal subgroups of hypercyclic groups. Some minimum problems in the theory of functions. Pacific Journal of Mathematics 4 — Some results on pseudo-contractive mappings.

Pacific Journal of Mathematics 71 89— Pacific Journal of Mathematics 29— Pacific Journal of Mathematics 53 — Approximation properties for some non-Noetherian local rings. Asymptotic homological conjectures in mixed characteristic. Sufficient conditions for the existence of convergent subsequences. The inverse Riemann mapping theorem for relative circle domains. Pacific Journal of Mathematics 91— Ergodic automorphisms and affine transformations of locally compact groups. Transitive affine transformations on groups.

Ample families, multihomogeneous spectra, and algebraization of formal schemes. The symbols of an algebra of pseudodifferential operators. Time-harmonic solutions of some dissipative problems for Maxwell's equations in a three-dimensional half space. On the geometric and the algebraic rank of graph manifolds. Width complexes for knots and 3-manifolds. Surgery of involutions with middle-dimensional fixed point set. On the index formula for singular surfaces. Pacific Journal of Mathematics 25— Three-dimensional antipodal and norm-equilateral sets.

Interior regularity of conical capillary surfaces. Examples of locally compact noncompact minimal topological groups. Generalized convolutions and positive definite functions associated with general orthogonal series. Weak type multipliers for Hankel transforms. Perturbations of spectral operators, and applications. Bounded perturbations. Pacific Journal of Mathematics 89 — Entropy and approximation of measure preserving transformations.

Bounds for the principal frequency of the non-homogeneous membrane and for the generalized Dirichlet integral. Equidiscontinuity of Borsuk-Ulam functions. Pacific Journal of Mathematics 95 51— On the action spectrum for closedsymplectically aspherical manifolds. Applications of loop groups and standard modules to Jacobians and theta functions of isospectral curves. Betweenness relations in probabilistic metric spaces. The metrization of statistical metric spaces. The spectral approach to determining the number of walks in a graph. Generic differentiability of convex functions on the dual of a Banach space.

New partial asymptotic stability results for nonlinear ordinary differential equations. Pacific Journal of Mathematics 72 — Pacific Journal of Mathematics 37— The slow shearing motion of a liquid past a semi-infinite plane. The slow steady motion of liquid past a semi-elliptical boss. Pacific Journal of Mathematics 70 — On extending regular holomorphic maps from Stein manifolds.

Some connections between continued fractions and convex sets. Helicoids of constant mean curvature and their Gauss maps. A cyclic inequality and a related eigenvalue problem. Extension of flows via discontinuous functions. An analogue of the Cartan decomposition for p-adic symmetric spaces of split p-adic reductive groups. Cyclicity in Dirichlet-type spaces and extremal polynomials II: functions on the bidisk. Pacific Journal of Mathematics 35— Locally helical surfaces have bounded twisting. Theirreducibility of Heegaard splittings of Seifert fibered spaces.

Endpoint inequalities for Bochner-Riesz multipliers in the plane. Algebraic characterization of the vacuum for quantized fields transforming nonunitarily. Pacific Journal of Mathematics 22 — Quasi dimension type. Types in the real line. Bounded analytic functions on unbounded covering surfaces. Pacific Journal of Mathematics 79 — On a fixed point theorem of Krasnoselskii for locally convex spaces.

On the theory and application of sum composition of Latin squares and orthogonal Latin squares. Pacific Journal of Mathematics 54 85— On homogeneous linear differential equations with arbitrary constant coefficients. Pacific Journal of Mathematics 26 — The solution of singular equations, I. Linear equations in Hilbert space. Highly transitive group actions on trees and normalizing Tits systems. A third order irregular boundary value problem and the associated series. Pacific Journal of Mathematics 2 — Correction to: Fixed point spaces in actions of exceptional algebraic groups.

Distinguished unipotent elements and multiplicity-free subgroups of simple algebraic groups. Fixed point ratios in actions of finiteexceptional groups of Lie type. Fixed point spaces in actions ofexceptional algebraic groups. The root subgroups for maximal tori in finite groups of Lie type. Sufficient conditions for a Riemannian manifold to be locally symmetric. On the determination of numbers by their sums of a fixed order. Growth transformations for functions on manifolds. Concentration phenomena for a fourth order equation on R n.

Pacific Journal of Mathematics 95 — Pacific Journal of Mathematics 57— The block decomposition of finite-dimensional representations of twisted loop algebras. Kernel representations of operators and their adjoints. Pettis integration via the Stonian transform. Semicontinuity of automorphism groups of strongly pseudoconvex domains: The low differentiability case. Global existence and decreasing property of boundary values of solutionsto parabolic equations with nonlocal boundary conditions. Generalized Frattini subgroups of finite groups. Application of restriction of Fourier transforms to an example fromrepresentation theory.

Asymptotic behaviour at infinity of three-dimensional steady viscoelastic flows. An extension of Wolpert's derivative formula. Lines of minima are uniformly quasi-geodesic. Elliptic surfaces with an ample divisor of genus two. Local structure of holomorphic foliation singularities. Affine open orbits, reductive isotropy groups, and dominant gradient morphisms; a theorem of Mikio Sato. Remarks on curvature behavior at the first singular time of the Ricci flow.

Hilbert series of certain jet schemes of determinantal varieties. Some remarks on the prescribed mean curvature equation oncomplete manifolds. Elliptic curves over complex quadratic fields. Nonoscillatory functional-differential equations. Effective results on linear dependence for elliptic curves. Combinatorial rigidity in curve complexes and mapping class groups. On hypoelliptic differential operators of constant strength.

On the univalence of some analytic functions. Asymptotic values of a holomorphic function with respect to its maximum term. Pacific Journal of Mathematics 18 — On the growth of entire functions of bounded index. Endoscopic transfer for unitary groups and holomorphy of Asai L-functions. On equality of arithmetic and analytic factors through local Langlands correspondence. The spherical mean value operator for compact symmetric spaces.

Orders of elements in finite quotients of Kleinian groups. The Whittaker models of induced representations. On uniqueness questions for hyperbolic differential equations. Length spectra of sub-Riemannian metrics on compact Lie groups. Global well-posedness for the 2D fractional Boussinesq equations in the subcritical case.

Convergence of a sequence of transformations of distribution functions. A Giambelli-type formula for subbundles of the tangent bundle. Characteristic classes for the degenerations of two-planefields in four dimensions. Intersections of the space of skew-symmetric maps with its translates. Spaces of similarities. Pacific Journal of Mathematics 69 — Iterates of arithmetic functions and a property of the sequence of primes. Contractive zero-divisors in Bergman spaces. Commutators which commute with one factor.

Isolation amongst the composition operators. Bounded generalized analytic functions on the torus. Cantor-type uniqueness of multiple trigonometric integrals. The Abel summability of conjugate multiple Fourier-Stieltjes integrals. Images and pre-images of localization maps. Divisibility of binomial coefficients and generation of alternating groups. Least squares and interpolation in roots of unity. Pacific Journal of Mathematics 37 — Compatible topologies and continuous irreducible representations.

A class of operators on excessive functions. Pacific Journal of Mathematics 67 — A class of algebraic surfaces of general type constructed from quaternion algebras. Series expansions of analytic functions. Whittaker constants for entire functions of several complex variables. Zeros of successive iterates of multiplier-sequence operators. Characterizing the orders changed by program translators. Functions analytic in a finite disk and having asymptotically prescribed characteristic. Difference equations for some orthogonal polynomials.

A duality principle for rational approximation. Pacific Journal of Mathematics 79— A combinatorial problem; stability and order for models and theories in infinitary languages. On the universality of systems of words in permutation groups. The Hanf number of omitting complete types. A duality theorem for extensions of induced highest weight modules. Determination of the intertwining operators for holomorphically induced representations of Hermitian symmetric pairs. Determining multiplicities of half-integral weight newforms. Representations of ternary quadratic forms and the class number of imaginary quadratic fields.

A note on the automorphism groups of simple dimension groups. Automorphisms of dimension groups and the construction of AF algebras. On the determinants and permanents of matrices with restricted entries over prime fields. Positive solutions for nonlinear third-order multi-point. Smooth approximation of conic Kahler metric with lower Ricci curvature bound. Harmonic maps from complex Finsler manifolds.

On Ricci deformation of a Riemannian metric on manifold with boundary. On complete Riemannian manifolds with collapsed ends. A class of Neumann problems arising in conformal geometry. Some Dirichlet problems arising from conformal geometry. Semidirect products of representations up to homotopy.

MSC Classification Codes

Pacific Journal of Mathematics 79 —a. Optimal paths for a car that goes both forwards and backwards. Pacific Journal of Mathematics 24 — A Tauberian relation between the Borel and the Lototsky transforms of series. A lower bound for the number of conjugacy classes in a finite nilpotent group.

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  • Interior derivative estimates for the Kahler-Ricci flow. Capillary surfaces at a re-entrant corner. On the least number of fixed points for infinite complexes. A new algorithm for finding an l. Lower boundary hyperplanes of the canonical left cells in the affine weyl group. The two-parameter quantum group of exceptional type G 2 and Lusztig's symmetries.

    Some characterizations of Campanato spaces via commutators on Morrey spaces. An example of singular metric arising from the blow-up limit in the continuity approach. Remark on the rate of decay ofsolutions to linearized compressible Navier--Stokes equations. Pacific Journal of Mathematics 32 69— Extensions of harmonic and analytic functions. Branched surfaces and the simplest foliations of 3-manifolds. Branching in the universal cover of taut foliations.

    Detecting when a nonsingular flow is transverse to a foliation. The simplest branched surfaces for a foliation. Measure-theoretic properties of nonmeasurable sets. Partially measurable sets in measure spaces. Extreme Markov operators and the orbits of Ryff. Galois theory of differential fields of positive characteristic. Filtered spaces admitting spectral sequence operations. On Kummer type construction of supersingular K3 surfaces in characteristic 2. The fundamental group of the complementof a resultant hypersurface. A formula for the hypergeometric function of type BC n. Growth properties for modifiedPoisson integrals in a half space.

    Simple proof of a theorem of P. Ruled minimal surfaces in the three dimensional Heisenberg group. Four dimensional static and related critical spaces with harmonic curvature. Some exact solutions of the nonlinear problem of water waves. Pacific Journal of Mathematics 92 87— Pacific Journal of Mathematics 31 —b. On the theorem of Helley concerning finite-dimensional subspaces of a dual space.

    Pacific Journal of Mathematics 86 — On the location of the zeros of some infrapolynomials with prescribed coefficients. On the structure of infrapolynomials with prescribed coefficients. Tchebycheff systems and best partial bases. Commutators and numerical ranges of powers of operators. Estimates of meromorphic functions and summability theorems. Hilbert's Tenth Problem for algebraic function fields over infinite fieldsof constants of positive characteristic.

    Polynomials with a given discriminant over fields of algebraic functions of positive characteristic. An orthogonal approach to the subfactor of a planar algebra. Free Fisher information for non-tracial states. Convexity properties of integral means of analytic functions. Dual generalizations of the Artinian and Noetherian conditions. Polynomial rings over finite dimensional rings. Minimal surfaces with two ends which have the least total absolute curvature. Highly proximal and generalized almost finite extensions of minimal sets.

    Pacific Journal of Mathematics 45— Kernel dilation in reproducing kernel Hilbert space and its application to moment problems. Pacific Journal of Mathematics 61— Branched immersions onto compact orientable surfaces. Borel density, the marginal problem and isomorphism types of analytic sets. Reticulated sets and the isomorphism of analytic powers. Sobolev inequalities on a weighted Riemannian manifold of positive Bakry-Emery curvature and convex boundary.

    Equations with operators forming a right angle. Local regularity of solutions of Sobolev-Galpern partial differential equations. Partial differential equations of Sobolev-Galpern type. Strongly regular graphs and group divisible designs. Curvature and topology of compact submanifolds in the unit sphere.

    Co-dimensions of the spaces of cusp forms for Siegel congruence subgroups in degree two. On the projective cover of a module and related results. Nilpotence of the commutator subgroup in groups admitting fixed point free operator groups. A very weak topology for the Mikusinski field of operators. Fourier coefficients of an orthogonal Eisenstein series. A note on the Atiyah-Bott fixed point formula. A sub-elliptic estimate for a class of invariantly defined elliptic systems.

    Pacific Journal of Mathematics 94 — The Stokes phenomenon in exact asymptotics. Pacific Journal of Mathematics 13— Homomorphisms of commutative rings with unit element. Pacific Journal of Mathematics 92 1— On the endomorphism semigroup and category of bounded lattices. Infinite matrices summing every almost periodic sequence.

    Pacific Journal of Mathematics 39 — Distinguishing a plane curve from other curves similar to it. Functions which operate on the real part of a uniform algebra. A characterization of free projective planes. Fixed point index and chain approximations. Approximating annular capillary surfaces with equal contact angles. Approximating symmetric capillary surfaces. Correction to: Existence and behavior of the radial limits of a bounded capillary surface at a corner. Existence and behavior of the radial limits of a bounded capillary surface at a corner. Pacific Journal of Mathematics 88 — Properties of annular capillary surfaces with equal contact angles.

    Numerical invariants of homotopies into spheres. Maps from the enveloping algebra of the positive Witt algebra to regular algebras. Pacific Journal of Mathematics 99— On absolutely continuous functions and the well-bounded operator. A free boundary isoperimetric problem in hyperbolic 3 -space between parallel horospheres. On isometric and conformal rigidity of submanifolds. A generalized Burau representation for string links.

    On extremal figures admissible relative to rectangular lattices. An intrinsic inequality for Lebesgue area. Morrey's representation theorem for surfaces in metric spaces. Set functions associated with Lebesgue area. Convexity theorems for subclasses of univalent functions. Pacific Journal of Mathematics 64 — Locally univalent functions and coefficient distortions.

    A quantitative estimate for quasi-integral points in orbits. Good reduction and Shafarevich-type theorems for dynamical systems with portrait level structures. Decomposition of plane convex sets. Sets associated with a width function. On starshaped sets and Helly-type theorems. Pacific Journal of Mathematics 62 37— Existence of time-periodic solutions to the Navier-Stokes equations around a moving body. The solution of a decision problem for several classes of rings. Pacific Journal of Mathematics 90 — Hausdorff dimension of limit sets for parabolic IFS with overlaps. Regularity of capillary surfaces over domains with corners.

    Metric components of continuous images of ordered compacta. A construction of Lomonosov functions and applications to the invariant subspace problem. A theorem on lattice ordered groups, results of Ptak, Namioka and Banach, and a front-ended proof of Lebesgue's theorem. Maximinimax, minimax, and antiminimax theorems and a result of R. The iterated limit condition and sequential convergence. Irreducibility of the moduli space of stable vector bundles of rank two and odd degree on a very general quintic surface. Geometrical implications of upper semi-continuity of the duality mapping on a Banach space.

    Pacific Journal of Mathematics 79 99— Pure-periodicmodules and a structure of pure-projective resolutions. Eigenvalues in the boundary of the numerical range. A general solution for a class of approximation problems. Strong Carleman and strong uniform approximation. Geometric theory of a single Markov operator.

    On local uniform mean convergence for Markov operators. Spectral decomposition of a class of operators. Regularization of actions of groups and groupoids on measured equivalence relations. Pacific Journal of Mathematics 59 1—7. Pacific Journal of Mathematics 90 1— Discrete generalized Gronwall inequalities in three independent variables. The geometric interpretation of a special connection. Multipliers and unconditional convergence of biorthogonal expansions.

    RCD - Editorial Board - Alexey Bolsinov

    Pacific Journal of Mathematics 37 35— Pacific Journal of Mathematics 89 9— Elementary solutions of differential equations. Moduli of linear differential equations on the Riemann sphere with fixed Galois groups. Loop algebras, gauge invariants and a new completely integrable system. Strong cyclic, parabolic and conical differentiability. Finite Hankel transforms of distributions. Pacific Journal of Mathematics 99 — Some convergence properties of the Bubnov-Galerkin method. Rings in which every right ideal is quasi-injective. Pacific Journal of Mathematics 31 73— Rings whose proper cyclic modules are quasi-injective.

    A note on the computation of Alder's polynomials. Certain generalized hypergeometric identities of the Rogers-Ramanujan type. Reproducing kernels and operators with a cyclic vector. Interior variations and some extremal problems for certain classes of univalent functions. Valence properties of the solution of a differential equation.

    Pacific Journal of Mathematics 84 29— A class of bilateral generating functions for certain classical polynomials. Certain representations of infinite group algebras. Reduction of sets of matrices to a triangular form. Concerning nonnegative matrices and doubly stochastic matrices.

    Pacific Journal of Mathematics 87— A representation theorem for measures on infinite dimensional spaces. Pacific Journal of Mathematics 30 47— Families of Riemann surfaces over the punctured disk. Some elliptic PDEs on Riemannian manifolds with boundary. Self-affine tiling via substitution dynamical systems and Rauzy fractals. Hierarchically hyperbolic spaces II: Combination theorems and the distance formula. Quotients of complete multipartite graphs.

    An analogue of Hardy's theorem for very rapidly decreasingfunctions on semi-simple Lie groups. An analogue of the Wiener-Tauberian theorem for spherical transforms on semisimple Lie groups. Analogues of the Wiener-Tauberian and Schwartz theorems for radial functions on symmetric spaces. On an analogue of the Wiener Tauberian theorem for symmetric spaces of the noncompact type.

    Buletinul Academiei de Stiinte a Republicii Moldova. Bulletin of Dnipropetrovsk University. Bulletin of the Malaysian Mathematical Sciences Society. Calculus of Variations and Partial Differential Equations. Chinese Annals of Mathematics, Series B. Chinese Journal of Mathematics. Collectanea Mathematica. Commentarii Mathematici Helvetici. Communications in Advanced Mathematical Sciences. Communications in Combinatorics and Optimization. Communications in Contemporary Mathematics.

    Compositio Mathematica. Comptes Rendus Mathematique. Computational Methods and Function Theory. Confluentes Mathematici. Contributions to Game Theory and Management. A Mathematical Journal. Demonstratio Mathematica. Dependence Modeling.