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Imaging the dynamics of ion–molecule reactions

Reaction Dynamics in Liquids The dynamics of chemical reactions in solution are studied on timescales of femtosecond to picosecond using transient absorption spectroscopy. Gas-Phase Reactive Scattering Velocity Map Imaging is used to study the quantum-state resolved dynamics of chemical reactions. Inelastic Scattering Quantum-state resolved inelastic scattering is studied using crossed molecular beam and velocity map imaging methods. Prendergast, and O. Gessner , J.

Chemical Dynamics and Arrehenius Theory

Kristina D. Phys , Ming-Fu Lin, Daniel M. Neumark, Oliver Gessner, and Stephen R. Kaindl, Robert W. Nilsson, Oleg Krupin, Joshua J. Turner, William F. Schlotter, Michael R. Holmes, Philip A. Heimann, Marc Messerschmidt, Michael P. Ming-Fu Lin, Adrian N. Pfeiffer, Daniel M. Leone, and Oliver Gessner , J. Haxton, Stephen R. Fabian Weise, Daniel M. Leone, and Oliver Gessner , Opt.

Express 20 , Cryan, J.

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V. Dynamic Imaging for Physical, Chemical & Biological Interests

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Surface Chemical Dynamics Group

McFarland, H. Merdji, M. Messerschmidt, V. Petrovic, C. Raman, D. Ray, D. Reis, S. Semenov, M. Trigo, J. White, W. White, L. Young, P.

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Shapes of rotating superfluid helium nanodroplets

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Fixing molecules in space – alignment and orientation

Bucksbaum, M. Chen, R.

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